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Blu is the italian word for blue. Blue color in frenchies definitely attracts a lot of attention.

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Martha stewart’s frenchies have suitably french names.


Blue frenchie puppy names. Merle is a unique coloring for the canine coat. Pied, also called piebald is a gene that is responsible for pigment removal, just like the merle gene. Blue french bulldog puppies has the bluish shine of coats.

Find your perfect blue frenchie companion with francoeur french bulldogs. Longer names can be difficult for your dog to understand and a pain for you to say over and over. You will be using it all the time, so you should enjoy the sound of it.

We take care to match the right puppy to. Bête noire means “pet peeve”! Let’s face it, that blue frenchie puppy shown below is absolutely adorable.

Try out the new name for a few days and see how your dog responds. We are one of the few blue french bulldog breeders in california with akc registration for our litters. Creme brûlée and bête noire.

It is a cool name for male blue eyed merle dogs. How the pattern is distributed and what proportion of the coat is white versus the blue color can be quite variable from dog to dog, blue pied frenchie puppies usually have light colored fur on chest, legs, and. Select a name easily recognizable by your french bulldog.

Choose a name that you like. Blue is great name for girl or boy dogs with blue or blue green eyes. Wait a few days to observe the actions of your frenchie.

Blue (also the name of the blue dog on the tv show blue’s clues) huckleberry (hound was blue) columbine (blue flower) trey; Blau is german for blue. Cute female french bulldog names

Brindle is the original frenchie color and blue brindles are one of the rarest colors you can get your hands on. A blue pied french bulldog is a dog whose coat color is predominantly white, with clearly marked patches in another, blue color covering parts of the body, head, or both. One of them is particularly clever:

They need two pairs of recessive genes in order to. It’s a little similar to some people’s jet black hair shining that way under intense lighting. Choose a name that’s both easy to call out and one that you are happy calling out.

Pictured below is a chocolate merle frenchie puppy called clara. It’s one of the most wanted colors in the world. People also call them mouse frenchies and their color may vary from dark to light silver/blue.

Agent bones, this one is for the animal who is mad over bones and can find it from any nook and corner of the house. Their appearance may be compared with that of cookies n’ cream ice cream. Tragically, hobbs’ brother, a frenchie named brutus, passed away after eating a poisonous mushroom.

Unisex blue dog name suggestions: Neptune (god of the sea, and also the planet, neptune, considered to be blue) Our list of funny frenchie names:

These names are one way or another connected with the color blue. Here are some of our favorite names for blue colored frenchies. Frenchies were originally from england before they made their way to france, but the french fell in love with these adorable dogs, much like everyone who meets them.

Here are some helpful tips for picking your frenchies name. We have chosen some great names that highlight this uniqueness in them while keeping the cuteness intact. The puppy pictured below is a blue pied merle with blue eyes, that will be blue permanently.

A blue merle frenchie is very unique with a combination of different, irregular patches and streaks. Aldo, it means “the tall one”. Find more cute dog names for both males & females in our full article.

Genie(blue character in disney’s aladdin) joy (blue character in inside out) bleu (french for blue) indigo; Why not choose a funny name for your next french bulldog puppy! This is the french word for blue.

If your dog loves standing on his feet, then you should consider naming your dog aldo. However, in frenchies, the bluish hue is due to a very rare diluted gene. They’re called that because their coats shine bluish in the light.

Want more funny dog names? The “merle” can have blue, red or brown as the dominant color with other colors mottled into it, making it appear quite dark or deeply colored. The rock, aka dwayne johnson, has a sweet french named hobbs.

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