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Easy to train and eager to learn, australian puppies are great with children and other pets, and you can find them in four different coat colors and markings. The color is actually a recessive gene and it is not something that you can find in all the dogs that are going to be blue.

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I have 1 male blue merle.


Blue merle aussie puppy. The blue merle and white australian shepherd is a merle variation as marvelous as the blue merle tri color. The phantom in “phantom blue merle” means this puppy has generous amounts of copper (tan) on it’s face, eyebrows, legs and chest. We do breed the best aussie puppies worldwide with great coloring.

Long tail that is sometimes docked. We love her so much and highly recommend you get one of these adorable blue merle australian shepherd pups before they’re gone! There is also a blue merle mini australian shepherd.

Most of the time, the markings are on the face, legs and chest. Looking for a female aussie puppy in about 6 months. The most beautiful blue eyes of all blue merle puppies.

The merle aussiedoodle is a new type of dog being created by m erle aussiedoodle breeders.these dogs have the thick coat of an aussie and the coloration of a poodle. The second most popular variation of the blue merle aussie is when the dog has a blue merle base coat and only white markings. Blue merle aussie puppies for sale.

If they’re trained and exercised regularly and consistently, they’ll. Even though these are purebred dogs, you may find them in the care of shelters or rescue groups. When it comes to their weight, the male aussies are 50 to 65 pounds, and the female aussies are 40 to 55 pounds.

Blue merle australian shepherd puppies michigan. Yes, you read it right! Australian shepherd puppies available for sale in michigan from top breeders and individuals.

It is a mix between a purebred aussie and a purebred poodle, where breeding them. We do have blue merle australian shepherd puppies, red merle aussie puppies & tricolor aussie puppies at best price. These aussies sport a grey base coat color with patches and spots of black.

The blue merle aussiedoodle is one of the most desired colorings of the aussiepoo. As a result, they’re considered the second most popular variation among blue merles. Breeder of champion australian shepherds.

He is from a litter of 7. These dogs have the iconic blue merle coat as a base color. This merle coats are caused by genes, which may also affect eye colors, coats, and more.

Blue merle & white aussie. The blue merle pattern is typically a mix between blue, white, and tan colors that creates patches of these colors throughout the dog’s body. We are arkansas breeders of high quality akc registered australian shepherd dogs (aussies);puppies for sale,blue,merle,red,tri,black, blue merle aussies arkansas dog breeder currently has puppies for sale from amber is a red tri female australian shepherd dog and cosmo blue merle

Because they’re high energy dogs too, aussies need plenty of exercise daily. Blue merle australian shepherds may have stunning blue eyes, brown eyes, amber eyes, or even one eye that is blue and one eye that is brown. In this case, they look a little bit like the husky.

Australian shepherd puppy for sale in springtown, tx, usa. Find the best pet name by browsing our list of blue and merle dog names. If you would let me know when you have puppies available.

I like the blue or red merles the most. He gets along well with other dogs and a cat. Blue merle australian shepherd is a highly intelligent dog that is easy to train.

These dogs look just as magnificent as the tri colored variation without the copper. That being said, all dogs, including the smart aussie, require early socialization and obedience training. We bought one of our aussie puppies from aussie puppies for sale last week!

He is almost potty trained/kennel trained. The merle gene can also affect the dog’s eyes or. He has double blue eyes and gorgeous markings.

These beautiful aussie pups are genetically clear by parentage and may be registered with asca if desired. The phantom blue merle is one of our most requested colors. Hinto (the native american name for blue haired) cobalt (a bluish colored chemical element) punten blue moon (a full moon that appears bluish in color) checkers bandit harold (blue character in the children’s book, harold and the purple crayon) andorian.

He has been raised inside with a family atmosphere. A blue merle dog looks like an exotic black dog with patches of colors that have been diluted. We do ship aussie puppies to.

This blue merle and white aussie is by far the most striking of all four variations and quite popular. 8 1/2 weeks old birthday of. These can be anywhere on their body and in different sizes and shapes.

This dog stands between 18 and 23 inches tall and can weigh around 40 to 65 pounds. He usually has the following features: Blue merle male toy australian shepherd puppy at my toy sweet serendipity farm terri harwood email 4830 baldwin rd, metamora, mi 48455 phone:

When it comes to australian shepherd puppies, look no further than belle's australian shepherds. A solid blue merle should have no other colors or markings. Blue bluemerlee aussie pups is an active and intelligent dog breed.

2 blue merles girl and 2 black tri girl. Puppies had their tails docked with a veterinarian and removed the dew claws and had their first round of shots, wormed, and vet checked. I own a blue merle femaile right now but her health is failing and her friend a swedish vallhund will be lost without her , so i will have to get her a new best friend within the next year.

Our blue merle australian shepherd has a great personality, is super soft, and checked out healthy at the vet this past week. Our aussie puppies are 100% healthy. Boone is a cute 9 week old aussie.

Aussie blue eyes makes them unique

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