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If you have a larger vehicle like an suv or truck, we advise you to leave a tip of $4. If above and beyond 10$, n.

How Much To Tip a Car Wash
How Much To Tip A Car Wash Attendant Or Detailer

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How much to tip car wash los angeles. How much does a car wash in los angeles, ca area make? $5 if i go to my usual place which does the inside and out 2 level 1 omaro1 · 2y the san gabriel valley $5 is standard and what most people usually do when tipping. Minimum of $2.00, but the tip moves upwards for special attention to detail, vacuuming and inside detail.

They make $ all day.but yea if they pay attention to detail of what u want done tip the dude i'm w/ mike on this 1 5$ min. But if you have something like car detailing done, you might want to think about tipping anywhere from 10 to 20% of the total detailing cost. R/losangeles, how much do you tip at a car wash?

How much do you tip the valet? The best car wash in los angeles can be right in your driveway. 4 level 1 megaballer · 2y diamond bar $10.

I'm curious what the going rate is here. That’s a good base number from which you can work to calculate something a bit more generous if you feel the attendants have done a great job. Nope.multiple workers will be assigned to your vehicle.

The standard tip amount for car wash employees is $3 for a regular car wash and 10 percent of the total cost of the wash if your car was given extra effort and attention during detailing. Ours was not just 'drying' though. Simply book our services online at or use our convenient iphone/android app today.

Frequently asked questions about a car wash salaries. This tip will be welcomed by the staff member attending to your vehicle if you are getting your car washed and dried by hand. If i splurge for the hand wax, $20.

We go through the automated car wash and get their triple wax polish which is probably nothing but soap & water but it gets the job done. If you’re only getting a wash and dry service on an economy class car, then 10% to 15% tips won’t really be enough because the service is only about $5 or $10. The average salary for a car wash is $42,537 per year in los angeles, ca area.

Anywhere else, tip whatever the hell you feel like! There's no rule!! as far as the carwash guys, i assume you mean the guys that dry off your car, right?? The tip amount may vary according to your personal preferences but if you are totally satisfied.

That means a 10% tip on a $5 service is approximately 50 cents. I've been giving a $2 tip for getting my car washed for years now. On average, consumers have been known for tipping $2.00 to $3.00 for an exterior wash only on a small to light car.

They usually charge $7 per car wash. For example, $85.00 for a wash and wax, $10.00 tip. Below is a list of scenarios & tips that may suit each scenario:

Those guys generally work pretty hard, and in a lot of cases, are being exploited and being paid less than min. 1 wash/week = $20 car wash; Instead of having to search for “car wash near me” and then drive there, our detail car wash can be in your driveway conveniently.

Once you get a larger car washed, consumers will often leave $4.00 since the vehicle takes more time and effort. My dad has an auto detailing business. The convention might be to offer something from $2 to $5 as a tip for conventional car wash attendants.

A high income area or an area with lots of disposable spending (grocery centers, shopping destinations, and major crossroads) can support prices of $10 per car, for example, optional packages up to $15 or more. Survey your location to get a feel for other car washes and set your prices accordingly, but with an eye for point #3. Salaries estimates are based on 12 salaries submitted anonymously to glassdoor by a car wash employees in los angeles, ca area.

Our mobile wash brings the car wash to you. We'd have one guy spraying your car down, then scrubbing the car down with a big brush and manually applying things like bug juice or rim cleaner if you got them. For a large suv the minimum is $5.00 for dry and detail.

That means that if you have basic car wash services done, you can often get away with forking over just $2 or so to a car wash attendant. Here is 5 best car wash in los angeles. Lavish $ 39 from 55 to 70 minutes full exterior hand wash tire dressing & rim cleaning exterior window cleaning thorough interior & trunk vacuum

We had people in the front part before you went into the actual mechanical stuff. After going through different sources, we came to know that the standard tip amount is about 10 to 15% of a whole auto detailing job. Your local auto repair center may not require that you tip car wash employees, but doing so will certainly be much appreciated.

Would i pay $7 a car wash? When we talk about exterior car washes, we are often only referring to the washing and drying of the car.

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