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Rubbing alcohol is merely to make the process easier and quicker as well as to help get really fine residue out (as well as leaving none. You would need at least 70% isopropyl alcohol but higher percentage is better as there is less water just in case of leaks to damage components.

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And you use the thermal paste at the end.


How to clean thermal paste off cpu reddit. In this video, we look at how to remove thermal paste/thermal grease or thermal compound from any cpu, gpu, ps4/xbox one and how you can apply some new therm. In this video i go over the steps you should take in order to remove old thermal paste and apply new thermal paste to your cpu. The compound ensures that the cpu heat spreader and cooler make proper contact.

You should remove the old paste before applying new one for proper thermal conduction. If it's new, then you don't need to clean it since it's already clean. Thermal paste is a fantastic tool and with these instructions, you won’t have any issues with how to clean cpu paste.

If you don't have any, just get a mild damp micro fiber cloth and rub away the excess thermal paste and give the naked copper base plate a few more runs before applying newer thermal interface on it. I have had success doing this before but it could also just as easily destroy your cpu if you. They come in a box of 100/200 so just use like 15 of them to remove a little bit of paste at a time.

Please be aware that this is entirely at your own risk. Next, hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds to discharge any residual electricity. Thermal paste, also known as thermal compound, is the viscous paste that you use when installing a new cpu.

Wipe off as much as you can with something like a microfiber cloth or whatever isn't going to fall apart all while wiping. The method that i use is a tr. Do this only in the area where the thermal paste spread through the mistake.

Only do this on the affected region. (from the cpu and the aio cpu cooler as they all come with thermal paste already applied) you use bottle two to prepare the cpu for new thermal paste. You can use isopropyl alcohol to remove remaining thermal paste from a cpu surface, but you want to make sure you are using a lint free cloth/paper to do this.

Clean off residue with moist (not drenched) cottonball. The alcohol is not a must have to remove the paste. In the video i used 91% isopropyl alcohol and cotton.

However the temperatures are higher than they were with the stock paste. The dried thermal paste on the processor! If you have made the mistake of applying thermal paste between your socket and cpu pins, do not worry too much.

If you need one but are not sure what would be an appropriate item to use, you can use a clean coffee filter to do this. However i had to get into my computer and change my nvme drive so i had to remove the heatsink and in doing so i used 99% rubbing alcohol to completely clean the thermal paste off of the prism and cpu. Wipe it off dry with a paper towel, kleenex (tissue), coffee filter, or some disposable material like that.

Wipe the remaining thermal paste and reapply the alcohol as needed. I ordered two small 1 gram tubes of kryonaut and just put it on tonight. (which is why alcohol is preferred in the first place, it evaporates immediately)

Anyways, i use goo gone and a tissue to wipe off the old thermal paste if. Attempt to keep the glue centralized and off of the green area. Also use coffee filters or whatever to make sure theres no residue left if you see some alcohol on the processor while using the swabs.

There are a few basics to cleaning a processor for thermal paste application. Use cotton dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean old paste.liquid metal thermal paste has better conductivity but is more difficult to apply. It should look as shiny as the day you bought it when you’re done.

You use bottle one to remove old thermal paste. So, how to remove thermal paste from cpu pins? To clean thermal paste, start by shutting down your computer, uplugging all of the cords, and removing the battery if you're working with a laptop.

Can't find isopropyl alcohol anywhere in my country, are there any other good ways to clean off thermal paste without damaging the cpu? With that done, you can get the microfiber cloth. This video shows you how to clean thermal paste off of a cpu.

Use your fingertip to spread the paste evenly over the core’s surface. It is best to use clean gloves because the thermal paste isn’t always to get off of your fingers. People use coffee filters because they're soft and absorbent and won't scratch the head spreader on the top of the cpu.

Afterwards take a brand new, clean toothbrush, soak it in the alcohol and gently use it to scrub the remaining paste. I cleaned out my pc and didn't require any liquid to remove the residue at all, i just wiped it off by a microfiber cloth and it came off pretty easily. The recommended options are microfiber cloth or disposable/paper coffee filters.

You only need a very small amount. Take a toothpick if you have one and gently get as much of the paste off as you can. In a pinch you could use vinegar, just make sure it's absolutely dry afterwards.

Size of a pea or grain of rice in the centre of the cpu. Personally, i use akasa tim clean, and a combination of paper tissues to get the worst gunk off, then an old lens cleaning cloth to get rest off and to polish the heat spreader. Thats always another option, just a cloth or even a dry paper towel can honestly clean it pretty much the same, it.

In other words, it is there to create optimal conditions for thermal conductivity.

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