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To measure the skirt of the saddle, simply measure from the front edge of the saddle all the way to the back edge of the saddle. If you can picture a deep dressage saddle seat, and a very flat jump saddle seat, to obtain the same cantle to nail measurements we would either need to aesthetically move the cantle nail or badging, which then wouldn’t have a function, or a rider would then need to remember that they are a size “18” in dressage, a size “16” in jump.

Your Saddle Is The Most Expensive And The Most Important Piece Of Tack You Will Buy There Are Some Important Things To Saddles Saddle Fitting Horse Saddles

Measure from a nail head to the center of the saddle’s back.


How to measure for a dressage saddle. Saddles come in a variety of seat and flap or fender sizes and designs. Most saddle pads have two or three measurements. 43 cm/17 to 44 cm/17.5 = large stock saddle.

This measurement in inches is the saddle seat size which is measured in whole and ½ units e.g. As a rule of thumb, you want to measure across the font of the saddle level with the conchos as this is a pretty close indication of where the bars of the saddle are the widest. It is important to find the correct seat and flap or fender size and shape.

English/dressage saddles are measured differently in the seat; Length, width, and sometimes thickness. Start your measurement on your horse a few inches behind their shoulder blade.

You measure from the middle of the cantle (back of the seat) to the button on the skirts. The important factors are determining the correct seat and flap/fender size and shape. Most saddle makers provide their customers with detailed guidelines on how to measure a saddle seat size.

Most saddles require that you fit between three to four fingers (or a hand's width). How to measure a gullet. Stretch the tape across the horse's barrel to the corresponding billet hole on the other side of the saddle.

The panels underneath the saddle must protect the horse while for the rider; Then place the flexible curve on your horse’s withers behind the chalk mark as shown in the picture below. This measurement will give the correct size for your saddle that you will need.

You would start by placing the tape measure (at mark 0) in the centre of the saddle badge/head nail and measure to the centre of the cantle. It’s enough to make someone who rides in a. Compare the measurements to your horse.

While this may/may not correspond with the position of the points, it’s a common distance that allows you to compare different saddles. Your feet are flat on the floor. To get the proper fit, measure the distance from the saddle “tree” to the horse’s shoulder to offer adequate protection to the horse’s back.

Take a measuring tape and sit down on a chair. Ignore the seat size measurement of the saddle, and work with what actually fits your body. Feel free to check out my photography.

The second is going to be the width of the pad, from one side, across the withers, and down the other side. The dressage saddle is a unique piece of tack that, to riders of other disciplines, may look quite strange. 7 rows both the seat and the gullet are equally important when determining the.

Determining the seat size varies depending upon the type of saddle, and in the case of. 40 cm/16 to 42 cm/16.5 = small stock saddle. A stock saddle will feel and fit differently to an english style saddle, and therefore the seat sizes cannot be accurately compared, however the below is a rough guideline.

Here’s a common way to measure an english size saddle: All you need is a tape measure and the saddle in front of you. Position the end of a tape measure at a nail head and stretch it across the.

Measure the saddle size by age: The first number on a pad's measurement is the length of the pad along the horse's spine. You can see this last old saddle on the right is a true.

Check the product’s description before buying the good. The thickness of a pad can come in different forms. Measure across barrel (belly) of the horse from the middle billet hole on one side to the corresponding billet hole on the other side.

That’s really all it takes to measure your horse for a saddle! Be sure that the flexible curve is behind the shoulder muscle because you are trying to simulate where the saddle tree would sit on your horse’s back in order to allow for complete range of motion of the shoulder. There are three basic ways to measure the size of a tree on a used saddle.

Every manufacturer's saddle sizing will feel different between models of saddles. The back of the saddle is called the cantle. This measurement is the estimated girth size your horse will wear.

English/dressage saddles are measured differently in the seat;flap length & angle the next part of the english saddle you’ll want to fit is the flap of the saddle.for the rider, the saddle should allow approximately 4” between the swell of the saddle and the front of your body, and your seat should fit to the base of the cantle but not push against the back.for this step, all. Measure the width between the two ends without disturbing the shape of the wire. Now (believe it or not) you do not have to measure anything else.

42 cm/16.5 to 43 cm/17 = medium stock saddle. The long flaps, the strange girth attachments, the deep seat, the large knee rolls; If a child’s leg length is 9 inches, then saddle should be of 10 inches.

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