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If there is, carefully remove the old paste from the lid of the cpu with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber. I also remove anything close by like the ram, fan cables etc that might come in the way.

How To Clean Thermal Paste From CPU
How To Clean Thermal Paste From Cpu 2022 Guide – Cpu Ninja

Begin by wiping the top of your cpu with the microfiber cloth to remove as much thermal paste as you can without issue.

How to remove thermal paste from cooler. Look at the edges of the circle and grab the thermal pad and peel it off. Now that we got that out of the way, you want to use a lot of isopropyl alcohol. Now, wipe the cpu from top to bottom until there is no visible thermal paste.

You had a cpu cooler on your processor and took it off, leaving thermal paste residue behind. Different brands have different names but basically you use one type of alcohol to remove the existing paste with one side of the cloth, then with the other side of the cloth you put a tiny bit of the sanitizing alcohol to prep the surface. Do a few swipes with the toilet paper to ensure you won’t smudge it around later when you use alcohol.

Only take out small pieces of paste at a time. I will also show how to clean the thermal paste from the cooler and the cpu. Actually you can even do that while slightly pushing down the cooler.

Grab some dry toilet paper and use it to wipe away some of the excess thermal paste. Once you 've moved the cooler left and right, the bond with the cpu will be weakened. This just cleans it up and removes and dust or lint.

Using a dry microfiber cloth, gently rub at the old thermal paste. How to remove thermal paste from cpu & how to apply new thermal paste. One tip is to stress test the cpu to warm up the thermal paste.

Thermal paste becomes more viscuous after heating, facillitating its removal. The thermal paste should have become gooey and pliable, allowing you to detach the cooler with ease. I've never had an issue.

When you're in this part, it's an excellent time to wipe off any leftover thermal paste from the cpu. I just make sure i loosen up all the screws and slowly pry it off by constantly wiggling it. Dip the end of a cotton swab into the rubbing alcohol, then.

If that’s the case, you need to use a cloth and rubbing alcohol or some other approved solution to remove any leftover thermal compound. To remove the tim, first wipe the surface with the dry cloth to remove as much of the big chunks as you can. This is how i remove the stock cooler master cooler from my amd ryzen processor.

Looks like there's a thermal pad applied on the cooler. After you've removed the cpu cooler, the actual processor is entirely visible. Make sure that the cpu is clean, and that there isn’t any old thermal paste on it.

Don’t try to pull or push out large chunks because the force will be enough to snap a pin in half. The heatsink of the cooler can be removed from the cpu, but very carefully. Apply a small amount of your chosen solution (isopropyl alcohol or thermal paste cleaner) to the microfiber cloth.

When you do remove the cooler, use a. If you plan to resell or give the current cpu cooler and the cpu itself, make sure the thermal paste from the cooler's base is removed. If you don’t have one, you can continue using toilet paper.

Remove the heatsink with a gentle rotation using just finger pressure and softly lifting. With that done, you can get the microfiber cloth. Then open the case, and instead of pulling up, try first to twist left and right the cooler on the socket.

In this video, we look at how to remove thermal paste/thermal grease or thermal compound from any cpu, gpu, ps4/xbox one and how you can apply some new therm. Yes, always run prime95 to get the paste nice and hot. This is because isopropyl alcohol will dilute and soften the thermal paste, making it much easier to remove.

This will help to remove any “loose” chunks.

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