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You need to keep a screwdriver set while removing the bar. Remove any screws holding the rack in place — usually along the bottom of the rack.

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For all other accessory installations hold the toggle anchor flat alongside the plastic straps and slide it through the previously drilled hole.


How to remove towel bar anchors. Take out the pieces behind the brackets by hand; Why do you need to remove the towel bar? How to remove the old towel bar.

With one hand, pull the looped end straight out (do not pull at an angle) so that the toggle anchor rests flush behind the wall. Cut out a part of the drywall so you can add blocking behind it. Remove the old towel bar.

Follow these steps to quickly remove your old towel bar without causing further damage to the wall. Cut your new replacement bar to size Take a standard slotted screwdriver and place the blade flat on the bracket.

Remove the towel bar by loosening the setscrew beneath each bracket with an allen wrench (or screwdriver depending on the design). Remove the bracket that is loose. However, your towel bar may be attached via a small phillips screw, in which case you’ll need the appropriate screwdriver.

My daughter the house flipper says that the screw in the center of wall anchors made like this one will unscrew if you screw it in the direction (clockwise) normally used to screw things in. Now mount your towel rack. You could take a bar clamp and something to make it get a grip and just pull the mounts towards each other.

Patch and have a very secure towel bar To remove the old anchors, pry them out with a screwdriver or poke them in and let them fall inside the wall. The wall anchors are flush with the finished surface.

Grab each end of the towel bar and lift it straight up to remove the towel bar from the mounting plates. (you can rest it on a level to ensure it’s. You also need hex key, stationary knife or putty knife, oscillating tool, hammer.

Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the pieces behind the brackets Bathroom has delta brand towel rod using quick click install btacket. Hex screws are easily removable with a hex key, so you’ll want to make sure that you have one on hand.

I know it sounds like a bit of work but the results will be great and you won’t have do it again. So please make a video and come up with some way to measure how much force it takes to remove it. Then keep one hand on the towel rack to prevent it from falling while you lift off the post.

Loosen and remove the setscrews with a phillips screwdriver or hex wrench, depending on the screw head. Keep a screwdriver set with you to do it. This will ease your job.

Remove the mounting brackets from the bar or rack holders and press one against the wall where you marked the mounting location. Loosen up the brackets and remove the towel bar; You are required to know the way it’s attached to the wall and then know how to remove towel bar.

Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to go to work by removing the old towel bar. How do you remove a towel bar with no screws? Using a hex key or phillips head screwdriver, you can now remove the screws from the towel bar.

Sand once again and paint. With the right tool in hand, unscrew the setscrew from one of the posts to release it from the wall bracket; It would be best if you could hang a bucket of sand from it, then add more weight.

I easily pulled my bar out on its own since it was too short to begin with but if yours isn’t, you can remove it by sawing through the middle of it. Remove both if both are loose and require repairs. Now you have a strong backer in which to secure your towel rack.

I cannot remove the install bracket from rod end. She says if it looks like this picture (with a phillips head screwdriver shaped hole), just keep screwing clockwise, as if you are screwing it further in, and it will come out. Tilt the rack towards the wall and lift to gently pull it away.

I’ll be posting a video on removing anchors and reinforcing drywall to rehang towel bars, so check back soon. For fast, solid mounting on drywall, use toggle anchors. Slide the blade up to the screw so that the blade is between the bracket and the screw head (or at least against the side of the screw head).

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