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Use your hand to carefully insert the head of the cable into the drain and through the pipe. Check out our top tips for snaking your own drain:

How To Clean And Unclog A Kitchen Sink Drain Clogged Drain Sink Drain Kitchen Sink Clogged

Ask this old house plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey shows how to clear a stopped bathtub or shower drain.subscribe to this old house:


How to snake a drain. Plumber’s snakes work by breaking through blockages. Secure the hose, and turn on the machine; 5 what should you look for in a drain cleaning specialist?

3.4 snaking a laundry or other basement drain; 3 what are the different ways to snake a drain? Feed the hose, inspect the drain

For showers, remove the drain. It’s wise to have a bucket or container ready so that you can dispose of any debris you pull out. As you feed the auger head into the pipe, don’t use excessive force or you could damage the pipe.

This means they are effective in pretty much any drain. Loosen the screw to your drain snake's or auger's cable housing. Remove any sink stoppers or hair screens in your way.

Slowly begin to crank the handle of the drain snake once the cable is in the drain. Crank the handle of the drain snake. To snake a shower drain, take the cover off the drain and feed the end of the snake into it.

4 when should you hire a professional to snake a clogged drain? Most drain snakes are around 50 feet long. Do you need a plumber to snake a drain?

3.1 snaking a sink drain; If you didn’t, run cold water as you snake the line). Using a plug wrench, turn the drain counterclockwise to remove it.

Get access to the drain by removing the overflow assembly or stopper. If you have a plumber snake, feed the cable through the drain before reaching the resistance, then turn the line and attempt to reel out whatever the drain is clogging. Once inserted into the drain, you rotate the handle to extend the coil.

In other words, just rotate the snake as you are inserting it, and when you sense the resistance, you will know that you have hit the root of the blockage. 3.2 snaking a shower or bathtub drain; Slowly push the drain snake cable into.

Once the snake reaches the clog, you can continue pushing it through the pipe or pull the clog out. These grates are generally secured with simple screws and can be removed with a screwdriver. Insert the head of the snake into the drain or toilet.

A manual snake may be difficult to use here—an electric snake is much better at getting around the trap and down the pipes. Once the snake is a few inches down your drain and you feel resistance, slowly crank. Once it’s in the drain, crank the handle to lower the snake down.

Clean off any hair or soap scum that may be attached to the grate and insert the drain snake cable in. First, if you have a tub screen or a hair trap covering your drain, move it out of the way. Drain snake (power operated) this is virtually the same exact thing as the hand crank version except it has a motor inside of it which can be powered by an outlet or a battery.

If you have already tried all household remedies you may consider to grab a drain snake for cleaning a drain or clogged this article we will explain how a drain snake works and how to snake a drain.the drain snake is very environmentally friendly as you can use it. If you have difficulty pushing (perhaps because the drain is so clogged), trying holding the handle with both hands. This tool is significantly heavier than the hand crank model and will.

You do this by sliding the auger end of the device into the blocked drain. 3.5 snaking a driveway drain; When you encounter a bend in the plumbing, you may need to wiggle the snake to get around it.

When the drain is blocked further down, or the plunger isn't working, you may need to use a plumber's auger or snake. This propels the cable forward and twists the. Next, slowly push the snake cable into the drain, and turn the handle in a clockwise motion as you push.

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