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If your pooch has an ear infection, his sense of balance would go haywire. Pet parents like you encounter issues with their dogs daily that they have questions about.

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My dog is acting drunk and wobbly. If that is the case, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we explore all of your questions about dogs falling over and losing balance. Many pet parents have described symptoms as:

Wobbly, twitchy, awkward, kinda like she's drunk. But if your dog exhibits the same behavior, there is a slim chance of it being a result of spinning. The best way to solve this is by taking the pet to a vet when you observe any strange behavior.

It’s very scary when it happens, but in most cases it’s something your dog will recover from in a. If your pet starts acting drunk and wobbly, a common cause might be an ear infection. My dog is acting drunk and wobbly:

Back to her normal self, playing and running. As we have seen so far, it is possible for your dog to act in a wobbling and drunken manner without its health being in much jeopardy. Took my 9mo old dalmatian mix out of her crate this morning and she instantly seemed off.

It is terrifying to suddenly see your dog having difficulty walking and showing signs such as a head tilt and jerking eye movements. Aid your dog as necessary with his balance needs as he navigates his new 'wobbly' life. This continued for a min then she snapped out of it and was completely fine.

There is a long list. It's looked he was drunk. One of the likely causes of this kind of wobbliness is vestibular disease.

If your child is acting drunk and wobbly, they have probably been spinning in the yard or the office chair. Your dog could be experiencing a type of seizure. But most importantly, try to keep calm, avoid injury to yourself and your dog and call your vet.

So it started yesterday morning. My dog is acting drunk, wobbly, and drooling from his mouth, i just noticed a change in the last half hour. However, he didn't throw up and instead starting acting very disoriented and couldn't stand up.

Today it happend 4 times through out the day. Her front legs started to buckle and give out. If your dog is acting drunk and wobbly, yes, it could be an ear infection.

It should be noted that a head tilt may remain, even after your pet recovers. The most common drugs and prescription medications my patients get into are marijuana and psychoactive drugs such as prozac and valium. Last night we had quite a scare with our 4 year old yorkie.

Seizures can manifest differently for various dogs, so your dog may not experience what you generally attribute as being a sign of a seizure. Older dogs can develop quick onset vestibular disease without any warning. Ask a dog vet and get answers to your dog health questions.

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most common of these. There are many causes of vestibular dysfunction in dogs. Going to the bathroom normally.

The dog’s inner ear helps him maintain balance and coordination. All of a sudden he started making this choking sort of noise that he usually makes when he throws up. In this video we discuss what to do if your dog is experiencing neurologic signs, such as loss of balance, wobbliness and acting drunk.

So i brought her to the er vet right away. Dog falling over like drunk, or dog is acting drunk and wobbly. [help] dog acting 'drunk' wobbly.

If they are shaking their head excessively from side to side, this is very likely the reason behind it. The vestibular system is the part of the brain that allows us to know where our body is in relation to itself and our surroundings. Offer comfort, warmth, and attention.

You’ll notice your canine pup acting drunk and disoriented, falling over, and spinning around. Seeing your dog acting strange or wobbly can be quite distressing. There are a number of things that may cause an appearance of drunkenness.

They did a drug test and blood work, all normal. The post dog falling over and losing balance: This is why you should call a neurologist at southeast veterinary neurology right away if your pet is showing signs of vestibular dysfunction (drunken/wobbly walk).

If your dog starts staggering around as if he’s drunk, it probably doesn’t mean he got into the liquor cabinet. Many of these causes can be treated with medications, but some may progress if not evaluated and treated early. My dog is acting drunk and wobbly, unsteady, and stumbling appeared first on

However, stiffening up and falling over or your dog falling over and. Pebbles is a 4 month old pomeranian puppy. Suddenly they noticed there was somet.

Could it be an ear infection? Dog walks in circles and is disoriented, or dog keeps walking in circles and falling over. The dog is suffering from an ear infection

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