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Shih tzus first haircut | first groom at what age? The frequency of grooming visits varies depending on the size of your shih tzu and their unique coat.

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On a positive note, most people who have a shih tzu actually love to experiment with the canine’s hair and that makes for a fascinating experience.


Shih tzu puppy haircut age. An article on basic pet grooming and another on how to put up a pet topknot can also be found on this. Shih tzu are classified in the toy group in most countries, with a height of eight to 11 inches and weight of nine to 16 pounds (four to seven kilograms). When should a shih tzu get it’s first haircut?

As with most toy breeds, shih tzu are quick to mature, reaching adult size by about 10 months. Hence, here are some different shih tzu haircuts that you can consider. Walter first haircut 5 months old shih tzu puppy shih tzu dog shih tzu haircuts.

The american kennel club recommends that the bitch should be older than eight months but there are reasons why it should be later, and here’s why. Older shih tzus will tend to have more puppies per litter. Finally, dogs with curly coats will need to be trimmed every six weeks, whereas dogs with wiry coats will need two or three yearly trims.

The top 8 shih tzu haircuts and hairstyles. It will help to remove tangles and prevent knots. The puppy cut, also known as the summer cut, is a popular style.

However, a good rule of thumb is once a month or every six weeks. Not only is it fairly simple to do, but it looks cute and gives your dog a break from the heat of summer by removing much of the length. At what age can you breed a shih tzu?

Young female shih tzus will go into their first heat around six months old, repeating the process twice a year unless. Shih tzu puppy sitting and staring isolated on white. Good basic grooming advice, as well as illustrated instructions for you or your groomer on various shih tzu haircut styles (and the types of body structure and coat type best suited to each) can be found in the official book of the shih tzu.

I think your puppy first groom should be at 10wks to get them use to the routine,but the first groom should be simple trimming of the feet,face and ear pluck,nail trim thats not stressful and also do force your puppy into being groom,take it one step at a time they will eventually get the hang of it. It isn't a direct 7 to 1 but rather on a sliding scale). What age do you get your puppy’s first haircut?

The oldest recorded shih tzu lived to 23 years of age. You can opt for the puppy cut. Especially when it comes to shih tzu, who are known for being one of the higher maintenance dog breeds.

Shih tzu puppies mature within a year. 8 month old shih tzu puppy. The shih tzu’s coat has to be cleaned and brushed every day.

You should plan on going more frequently in the summer and opting for a shorter style—like the puppy cut!—to keep your little one from overheating. Dogs likewise are puppies for the first year unless you attempt to calculate the '7 to 1' age thing (which is erroneous by the way. It’s interesting to note that although these puppies don’t grow much beyond one year of age, they can gain some weight after that time.

Find this pin and more on dog stuff by kelly kite. The dog also needs a regular haircut within 4 to 6 weeks. As you can see a puppy can weigh anything between 125 pounds.

It is essential if you have this breed. I personally think the bitch should be over two years old and the reason i think the bitch should be at least two years old is to give her time to become mature enough physically to go through the. The best time to start grooming a shih tzu puppy is as soon as it is able to be safely handled, around 10 to 12 weeks.

Puppy cut (also known as summer cut) image source. For all intent and purposes, go for the first year. You may be a bit confused when you have to pick a haircut for your shih tzu.

But well, you will have to provide a lot of attention to this dog.

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