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Their irish doodle puppies sell for $2,000. Red irish doodles tend to be the cheapest variety, starting at around $1400.

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The females also have the same weight.


Where can i get an irish doodle. What does an irish doodle look like? The irish doodle is a hybrid dog canine, a cross between two very different breeds of hunting dog; The irish doodle is the unique mixture of irish setter and poodle that instantly becomes the soulmate of your family with its affectionate and loving nature.

This results in a mini irish doodle. The irish doodle is a cross between the irish setter and the poodle and is a relatively new breed. But if one of the parents was a mini poodle, mini irish doodle puppies would be born.

Check these pages for more information: How to train your irish doodle it’s important to remember that the irish doodle breed can become bored very easily and that is why you need to create a schedule that is fun and entertaining. Standard irish doodles can grow anywhere from 38 to 69 cm and weigh 15 to 25 kg.

This will give you a better idea of how large you can expect your irish doodle to grow. As with most doodles, hip dysplasia is the most common medical issue that an irish doodle may suffer from later in life. An irish doodle price tag can vary between $1,000 and $3,000 usd.

That means that if you're a reasonable drive from harrisburg, pa, greenville, sc, atlanta, ga, or charlotte, nc, you may want to apply for an irishdoodle from us. Pudle meaning to splash around, and hund meaning dog. The irish setter makes for a breed that is capable of hunting and retrieving and the poodle ensures the breed is intelligent, sensitive, and has a fondness for people.

Currently we have at least one irish doodle guardian home in each crockett doodle location except san francisco and detroit (see locations below). Irish doodle puppies for sale. With proper training, they can be the best hunting companions who will be obedient and quick in action.

A mix of irish red setter and poodle, the irish doodle is an excellent choice for somebody seeking a loyal, social, and intelligent dog, that does’t shed a lot (although a lot of grooming maintenance is required). Irish doodle puppies for sale. Being a crossbreed, the size a irishdoodle will reach as an adult is less predicable than a.

With the mini irish doodle (a result of mating a miniature poodle with an irish setter), the irish setter must always be the dam due to the complications found when mating dogs of differing sizes. Like most of the doodles (poodle crosses), the irish doodle also comes in 2. The irish doodle can either be small or large.

They do not like being alone. In terms of recognized clubs, the irish doodle is not recognized by the american kennel club (akc) because it's not a purebred dog. When meeting with prospective breeders, try to meet the parents to get an indication of the personality, size, and appearance of the puppies.

If you are considering to get an irish doodle in california, these are the 4 best irish doodle breedersthat you should consider: A deposit must be placed in order to get a future irish doodle puppy. Often overshadowed by more popular breeds and often mistaken for the goldendoodle, the irish doodle is a breed unto its own.

Although large dogs, they are adaptable to. Of course, the pricing of an irish doodle can vary from breeder to breeder, depending on color and size. These dogs thrive on being around people,.

If you are still interested and what to learn more about this breeder, then you can check them out here: Irish doodles can cost differing amounts depending on their coat color. Buddy is a beautiful pup, who's on the smaller side for the boys.

He has a square body with a slightly slim and refined head. Irish doodles are cuddly and love receiving affection. Most irish doodles are bred from the standard poodle, but you can also breed miniature poodles with female irish setter dogs.

An irish doodle requires a yard to run in so you can give them the opportunity to get outdoors and fetch or socialize with neighbor dogs when able to. Existing for about 30 years, it has become one of the most popular designer dogs in the us, canada, australia, and european countries. He's definitely a favorite of the kids and loves to cuddle.

As a designer breed, they combine the best traits from the irish setter and standard poodle. A german retrieving dog, the poodle, and an elegant red field hunting dog called the irish setter. Mini irish doodles grow about 38 to 64 cm tall and weigh between 9 to 16 kg.

Broadway poodles and doodles are located in yuba, california. These pups' coats continue to get thicker and wavier by the day. If you’re buying an irish doodle puppy from a breeder, it’s a good idea to ask to meet its parents.

Since irish doodles are sometimes harder to find, their cost can be more to include transport plus the price from a reputable breeder. It is, however, registered by some smaller dog clubs like the american canine hybrid club (achc) and the designer breed registry (dbr). All of our irish doodle puppies have been independently screened and certified.

Black and apricot irish doodles can cost upwards of $1600. When buying a dog , regardless if it is a pureblooded or a designer dog breed, find a reputable breeder that takes care of their breeding dogs. The poodle is often associated with france but it was actually developed in germany, where it was known as a pudlehund;

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