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Shes a real lover, well socialized and very affectionate. Havanese are cheerful, natural trick dogs with a gorgeous, soft double coat.

Beautiful Akc Havanese Puppies All Colors Specializing In Chocolates Chocolate-parti Black And Whi Havanese Puppies For Sale Havanese Puppies Havanese Dogs

Luna is a small girl, weighing in at about 9 pounds.


White chocolate havanese puppies. When you've chosen your furbaby, please review our guarantee and terms below. The coat color may in fact be any color, but if the pigment (nose, eyerims, pads of feet etc) is chocolate then, your havanese is in fact a chocolate. There are chocolate sable, chocolate brindle, chocolate & tan, chocolate irish pied, chocolate parti, chocolate (extreme) piebald havanese, etc.

They gradually change to various shades of tobacco brown as the dog matures. Their color changing isn’t noticeable all the time. Black and white havanese puppy boy luciano.

Our beautiful akc havanese puppies are born and raised in our homes as part of our family, with lots of love and attention to their every need. Born & raised as a part of our family, our havahug havanese puppies are pampered and loved from birth. The puppies come from outstanding champion lines(two grandparents are akc champions).the price is $1200 (n.

The chocolate and white parti havanese has a mostly brown body with white fur on its underside. She has a lovely white coat with some light tan spots becoming more obvious on her back as she ages. They are experienced in litter training from 3 weeks of age.

(to the left) is actually a red coated chocolate and callie (below) is a white coated chocolate. They are current on vaccinations and wormings. The chocolate havanese always has brown pigments.

It can also have a pied look, meaning it would be brown with random white patches giving it a partially bleached look. Black silver creamy white chocolate red sable gol Chocolate havanese changes colors over time.

Solid white, black, brindle and sable parti puppies are occasionally available. Ready to take home in january. The ticking will only be in the area of the white part of the coat.

Their colors are rare and beautiful, chocolate parti as well as black parti. However, the chocolate color might extend over the dog’s forehead and back as well. Reserve your havanese puppy now!

The chocolate havanese is a rare dog breed with only about 10% of them being black in color. Her dark chocolate color will stay dark. Their ears can range from light brown to black depending on their hair type.

Is it the best choice for you? Visit us at for. Gold sable and white havanese.

Both parents weigh around 13lbs! She is sweet and playful. The havanese is made of chocolate.she is large for a havanese female.tuxedo is the most common pattern for a chocolate and white havanese.

Please complete our havanese puppy application All our akc havanese puppies for sale have been seen by the veterinarian, are microchipped, have begun newspaper training, can sit and come and have practiced wearing a collar! Havana brown puppies are born black, or so dark brown as to appear almost black.

Chocolate puppies are born chocolate, and must have liver pigment on the nose, lips and eye rims. Chocolate is actually the pigment color of the havanese. In conclusion, as a havanese puppy grows, its hair usually changes colors.

There are occasionally puppies in solid white, black, brindle and sable parti.the chocolate color might extend over the dog’s forehead and back as well. Red and white havanese puppy boy leonardo. It is a wonderful process that is loved by true havanese lovers.

The chocolate color in the havanese is rare in that it is a genetically recessive trait. The combination of the nose and eye colour is the most reliable indicator to know whether the dog is really chocolate, or just has a poor pigmentation, and therefore is not chocolate. Luna is not to be outdone by larger dogs.

Luna is a white chocolate havanese with grey eyes. They also have a dark brown nose tip. They may also have lighter brown or golden eyes.

Full akc registration is an. This means that the dog’s back, ears, eyes, and back legs are in the chocolate color while the rest of its body is white. Most white havanese puppies remain white when they grow up.

Dogs without this gene will have a white that stays crisp and pure. Does chocolate havanese change color? This created an affectionate, playful, and gentle lapdog that thrives in the city.

A chocolate and white havanese can be found in several different patterns, but the most common one is tuxedo. The chocolate refers to not only the varying shades of coat colors and patterns, but to the the brown/liver colored pigment of the nose, lips and paw pads as well. White chocolate is a cutie who got her name because of her chocolate nose and white color, her temperament is outgoing, she loves to bounce around with mischievous swagger.

Their color change process has a unpredictable trend, meaning that the. The rest are mostly white or tan colored. Pictures taken at 6 weeks old.

But if the havanese is a chocolate silver color, chocolate shades might lighten up and get darker over time. While white havanese and black havanese would experience the least color change, sable ones usually have has the most drastic change. Gold sable and white havanese.

This means that two copies of the recessive bb gene are necessary to result in the birth of a chocolate pup. Many havanese carry the ticking gene. Toy breed according to akc but in reality not so tiny small breed size 9 up to max 20 pounds on big site sturdy much healthier than maltese or shih tzu cousins all colors combinations:

Puppies pictured below born in november. Birthday 7/4/20 price $1400 (limited akc registration.

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Beautiful Akc Havanese Puppies All Colors Specializing In Chocolates Chocolate-parti Black And Whi Havanese Puppies For Sale Havanese Puppies Havanese Dogs

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